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The Singing Sleuth

Fiction/Mystery & Detective/General
Trade Paperback
Publication Date: June 2012

Retail Price: $12.95
Size: 6 x 9
SBN: 978-0-9828221-2-8

Synopsis of The Singing Sleuth

A cold-blooded murder was just committed on a luxurious British cruise ship returning from the sun-drenched Caribbean islands of Martinique, Barbados, and St. Maarten. The ship's controller was bludgeoned with a ten-pound dumbbell in the fitness center. The victim was an especially nasty character who took great pleasure in advising headquarters which departments on the Pegasus fell short of their monetary goals. It's no wonder he was killed.

Alec DunBarton, a Scottish bank auditor, comes to the rescue of Flagship Cruise Line to examine the controller's books. Although Alec is haunted by his past, he soon finds himself totally at home on the Pegasus—drinking Glenlivet, smoking his pipe, and singing whenever the spirit moves him.

By means of song lyrics, Alec's able to decipher clues and describe his suspects. Was it:

Rick Tanner, the slick cruise director
Jeffrey Sheffield, the adulterous plumber
Ronald Bauer, the mild-mannered security officer
Paige Anderson, the lonely cruise consultant
Michelle Van Dam, the plump masseuse
Gwen Llewellyn, the seductive fitness instructor, or
Janet Kane, the wealthy passenger?

If you're ready for adventure, come aboard. They're all expecting you!

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