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The Singing Sleuth Does Vegas

The Signging Sleuth

Fiction/Mystery & Detective/General
Trade Paperback
   Publication Date: July 2013
Retail Price: $12.95
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 200
ISBN:  978-0-9828221-3-5

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Synopsis of The Singing Sleuth Does Vegas

Alec and Paige have just been sent to Sin City to find out who’s been trying to ruin the reputation of Flagship Cruise Lines’ newest resort—The Ship. During the hotel’s “soft” opening, a horse’s head was discovered in the Lagoon Pool, the pit boss’s convertible was filled with cement, and blood-splattered ice picks were found in the dressing room of its lounge singers, Martini and Sin.

Murder soon follows mayhem when The Ship’s Director of Security and Surveillance is poisoned. Jack Bainer, the victim, was served death-cap mushrooms while taking part in the “elimination” challenge of a cooking competition called Cheftastics, sponsored by FCL. Six of the contestants had the motive, means, and opportunity to kill the arrogant and domineering security chief.

Was Jack Bainer poisoned by:
Bao Phan, a Vietnamese chef who suffers from night terrors
Marsha Holt, a spoiled heiress and impulsive gambler
Callie Robertson, the composed culinary-arts instructor
Evan Alderman, the great nephew of a Las Vegas mobster
Jennifer Tosca, a vivacious and innocent hometown girl, or
Joey Santana, a slovenly cook with a talent for magic?

Amidst beckoning casinos, eye-popping architecture, sumptuous eateries, top-notch shows, themed shopping malls, and Sin City’s evocative past, Alec sings his ways through the Great American songbook to decipher clues and name Jack Bainer’s killer.

Join Alec and his partner in crime as they eat, drink, explore, and solve a vicious murder in the most fabulous city on earth—Las Vegas!


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