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The Singing Sleuth Takes A Bow

The Signging Sleuth

Fiction/Mystery & Detective/General
Trade Paperback
   Publication Date: February 2016
Retail Price: $12.95
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 200
ISBN:  978-0-9828221-5-9

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Synopsis of The Singing Sleuth Takes A Bow

Alec DunBarton, aka The Singing Sleuth, has been given complimentary passage on the Pisces for his loyal service to Flagship Cruise Line. Sailing with him and his family are the company’s sales associates who have exceeded their monetary goals. The prize—a themed 1960’s European repositioning cruise from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale.

On the first full day of the cruise, following All Hallows’ Eve, the body of Clarice Gardner is discovered in her cabin, skyclad and positioned in the middle of a ritualistic circle. Alec is none too surprised. After all, she was a seductive, self-proclaimed witch capable of inciting a nun to violence.

Was one of her traveling companions responsible? Included in the motley group are: Celia Emory, the office’s goody two-shoes; Gloria Siegel, Celia’s passive-aggressive twin; Greg Baker, a shy and maligned co-worker; Donnie Baker, a gravestone groupie; Matt Lobo, the team’s lazy and lewd boss; Rose Lobo, Matt’s wrathful wife; Albert Davison, the lonely marketing manager; and Sophie Davison, Albert’s devoted daughter.

Join Alec and his family as they see the sights of Europe and decide that there’s an unseen hand at work, directing him to uncover the truth.


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